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Andy Onassis meets up with newcomer, Alec Alex and from the leakage coming through Alec’s underwear he is going to be an eager learner. The kissing, bumping and grinding have both men fully aroused as Andy begins gnawing away at Alec’s cock through his underwear. Once freed, Alec’s meaty cock is inhaled by Andy as his lips and mouth work their way from head to thick base. Alec then takes the opportunity to suck on Andy’s legendary monster cock and shows that he truly admires sucking on a man’s fat cock. Alec takes the substantial cock deep into his mouth with no hesitation and works as hard as he can to reach the massive base. Hungry for more, Alec climbs on top of Andy and positions his horny ass directly above Andy’s wet, throbbing cock. Alec feels like he has waited an eternity for this ride and is going to make the most of it as he pushes down hard to get every last centimeter of Andy’s monster cock deep in his ass. The pleasure radiates from Alec’s ass as Andy’s huge cock fills him up and as Andy slaps his ass into submission; as each slap, each thrust sends shock waves throughout his entire body. Alec changes up his position and gets on all 4’s as Andy comes in from behind and takes full control of the raw ass fucking. Andy flips Alec again, this time on his back and continues his intense onslaught of deep ass fucking. This position is too much for Alec to resist the pleasure that is filling him up very rapidly and explodes a thick, creamy load of cum on his torso. This explosive action triggers Andy to pull his pounding cock out and spray Alec’s cock and balls with his own milky load of cum.