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Austin Lazar contacted us wanting to be a model along with altering us of his infatuation with Santi Sexy. We contacted Santi and he was up for some fun with Austin. When the guys met the chemistry was right and the passion between the two began to flow. Santi’s cock was bursting at the seams in his new KB jock strap as Austin fondled and freed his cock before shoving it into his mouth and down his throat. Santi began tugging on Austin’s smooth balls, making his cock come to full attention before Santi devoured it. Working his hot lips and mouth up and down Austin’s cock, balls and then to his hot, pink hole. Santi wasted no time and slammed his raw cock deep into Austin’s awaiting ass. Immediately Santi began giving his ass a rapid-fire fucking that went deep and hard. The guys changed up position and this time Austin squat his ass down onto Santi’s hard cock and began a deep, penetrating fuck. Santi then took over control and gave Austin a hard ass fucking that forced the cum up and out of his cock. As the thick load oozed out of Austin’s cock, Santi went deeper to make sure that he fucked every drop out of him. Austin raised himself off of Santi in time to receive his scorching load all over his face, lips and mouth. Austin then began licking and sucking Santi’s cock clean of all of his cum. There’s always some fun when 420 is around.