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Guido Plaza introduces us to the talents of the newest member of the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, Oskar Ivan. Sprawled across the vibrant red lounger, the color of love and lust, Guido and Oskar kiss their way through a romantic introduction. Of course, as the kissing heats up the underwear are ditched and the throbbing cocks are flirted with and engaged into play. Oskar quickly finds that the curve of Guido’s cock makes it much easier to slip across his wet tongue and down his hungry throat. Demonstrating his magnificent cock sucking skills, Oskar consumes every centimeter of Guido’s cock and does a little tug on his balls as they slip in and out of his mouth. Guido has been driven crazy with desire and inhales the sumptuous aroma wafting from Oskar’s rock-hard cock as he leans in and begins sucking his incredible cock. With the aroma of Oskar’s cock being so amazing, Guido cannot wait to get his oral gratification with Oskar’s hairy ass. Guido wastes no time and immediately begins tongue fucking that perfect ass that fills all of his senses with joy and pleasure. Being flipped onto all 4’s, Oskar’s wet ass is open and ready as Guido slams his rock-hard cock deep within. Oskar backs his ass onto Guido and Guido goes wild with his fucking as pleasure floods his cock and throughout his entire body. Another flip and this time Oskar is on his shoulders with Guido on top of him shoving his cock balls deep into that perfect, hairy pleasure den. Guido knows that we love watching him fuck, so he pulls out, lets us admire that perfect ass then shoves his cock back in, driving each of us wild with desire. With another flip, Oskar in on his back, legs spread and Guido fucking him like there is no tomorrow. The pleasure is building quickly with each and every thrust of Guido’s throbbing cock has Oskar grabbing hold of his own cock. The deep thrusts within his hairy ass has propelled Oskar to squeeze out his thick, milky load of cum. Oskar scoops up his cum and coats his ass as Guido plunges his cock and the cum deep inside of his ass. A few strokes later and Guido’s cum is flying and washing Oskar’s ass with his seed. Welcome to the Society of Select Men Oskar.