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Antonio Pena, Marco Stone put their monster cocks to work!


Our latest Casting Couch brings us a hot, sexy, new couple Antonio Pena and Marco Stone and they are eager to explode into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men.

As the guys enter the room they begin stripping, revealing their long, lean, muscular bodies. Antonio and Marco embrace with scintillating kisses as their jeans are undone and the monster cocks are released.

Marco drops to his knees as he strokes Antonio’s huge cock, feeling the hot flesh growing in his hands, the musky aroma wafting into his senses as Antonio pinches and stimulates his own nipples. Marco runs his lips and mouth up and down Antonio’s elongated cock, trying as he might to swallow as much as he can.

Marco rises up and Antonio consumes his rock-hard cock, taking it all the way down his hungry throat. Taking advantage of Antonio’s expert cock sucking skills, Marco begins fucking his hungry mouth and throat.

Antonio gets bent over and Marco immediately turns his magnificent, smooth ass into a festival of pure pleasure for his probing tongue. With Antonio’s hot ass amply lubed up with spit, Marco rams his chestnut-colored cock deep inside.

Switching things up Antonio now squats his succulent ass down onto Marco’s throbbing cock. Antonio gently glides his ass up and down Marco’s cock, feeling his hairy bush brush up against his smooth ass before rising up and feeling the head of his cock pop out. Then the hardcore ass pounding begins as Antonio fucks himself on Maroc’s cock while his own fat cock flops around with each thrust.

Another flip and this time Antonio is on his back and Marco is coming in from behind hard and with a furious ass pounding. This is the position that Marco loves best and it is not long before he is exploding his hot, creamy load of cum all over Antonio’s full ball sac. Marco returns his cum slicked cock back into Antonio’s wet hole, which is exactly what it takes to get Antonio to shoot his own load of creamy cum.