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Casting Couch 5 and 6 continues to top the charts.  An amazing compilation of your favorite audition clips.  Our next segment stars Mateo Perez and Hugo.  Two very handsome men, beautiful bodies, beautiful cocks, round muscle asses, and hungry mouths that need to be fed.  Mateo starts out by seducing Hugo and stripping him down to his underwear, which are straining to contain his bulging mass.  Mateo lowers them and Hugo’s huge cock pops out demanding attention.  His cock and balls look amazing as he has them wrapped up with his leather cockring.  Balls and cock out in front for all the attention they can get.  Mateo is having no problems servicing both.  Hugo has grown too hungry to wait any longer and demands Mateo’s big uncut cock for his pleasure.  Mateo then takes Hugo to the bed where he begins to devour Hugo’s hot pucker hole. A hole that would make any mouth water.  Mateo goes at that ass with such passion and hunger.  Running his tongue from ass to balls to cock, up and down feeling the pleasure all the way.  Hugo’s hole is now hot and wet enough for Mateo to penetrate him deep.  Mateo fucks Hugo on his back so that we can see the deep penetration driving Hugo wild and his cock closer and closer to climax.  Hugo’s cock starts getting harder and his balls are drawing up tighter with every thrust until he can no longer hold back.  Hugo explodes with a huge load all over his ripped abs and pumped chest.  Mateo feeling those ass muscles contracting around his cock pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Hugo’s chest as well.  Two hot men, two hot throbbing cocks, one hot, wet, hungry hole, what more could you ask for?  KristenBjorn.com