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Our newest release of Casting Couch 7 and 8 series brings us Lucas Lucky and Serge. Serge sends out for some room service and Lucas shows up to service him. After some passionate kissing and body friction the clothes are stripped off and the raging hard-ons are exposed. Lucas quickly goes to work on Serge’s huge cock with his expert mouth. Serge sits back, legs spread open, balls resting on the chair and lets the professional do what only his full lips can deliver. Serge quickly begins to service Lucas’ hot hole with his hungry tongue, working his way up to his hard cock. Making his way back and forth from cock to ass Serge builds Lucas’ desire to be penetrated. Serge plunges deep into Lucas and begins to plow his ass slow and deep. Lucas then turns Serge around and starts lapping at his hot pink hole. Serge squats down on top of Lucas’ straining cock as his own cock remains engorged and filling up with cum. It is always hot to watch a guy get pounded while never loosing his own erection. Serge’s balls are flopping around as he grinds everything he can get out of Lucas’ hot cock. With his massive cock at the breaking point he squeezes out a hot load that drips down his shaft and onto his hanging balls. Serge begins chewing on Lucas’ succulent nipples as he unleashes his hot load. You just got to love room service.   www.KristenBjorn.com