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Double Dippers; starring Renzo Belli, Etienne Cendras, Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas. Etienne runs this operation with his trusty assistant Renzo. Renzo is always ready to fulfill all of Etienne’s requirements. At the moment they are in the middle of an interview with a couple of perspective employees. Etienne has Daniel and Pedro prove their abilities on Renzo first. The sizzling cock sucking forces all four men to blow huge loads. Etienne now has Daniel and Pedro fuck his assistant while he, Etienne fucks his assistants mouth. Once again the cum is flying and Renzo is drenched, although his boss is more than happy to lick it off of him. Etienne is now impressed with his new applicants but has one final assignment for them. Pedro and Daniel lay facing each other as Etienne sits down on them both while his trusty assistant feeds him his cock. The beauty of this scene is so amazing that it can only be seen to be truly appreciated. That is why it is our box cover. When was the last time you had the best seat in the house?  KristenBjorn.com