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What prompted you to make the transition from still photographer to live action, and why did you choose to do a solo film for your first film?

My first move from still photography to video was in 1986 for a video series put out by Advocate Men.  They wanted single model shoots, similar to what I’d been doing with still photography, but in motion.  After shooting a few of those clips for Advocate Men, I decided to try making a couple of solo features on my own, and in 1987 I shot two solo videos, Tropical Heat Wave and Champs.  It was the following year that I shot my first hardcore videos Carnaval in Rio and Island Fever.  For me it was a fairly natural transition to go from doing solo photo shoots of men to doing solo video shoots.  Shooting hardcore porn was quite a bit more challenging.  I was able to make a decent living as a still photographer in Brazil for six years before I started producing videos.  I was intrigued by the idea of my own production company and no longer being at the mercy of the whims of ever changing art directors at the magazines I was working for.   Kristen

More history to come.  Photo courtesy of Gangsters At Large.       www.KristenBjorn.com