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Now you can see more exclusive clips from Kristen Bjorn’s movies, behind the scenes, interviews with models, and many more at Youtube. Check out the introduction to the latest Kristen Bjorn’s release El Rancho, in case you’ve missed that movie – you’ll definitely want to see it. Not only that it features the world’s hottest guys, some incredible vignettes (as told by one of the reviewers), it also has an interesting story about a closeted “horse rancher who realizes that life with his wife isn’t where his fantasies lie. At night he dreams of the hot ranch hands who surround him”. Now its definitely a pleasure to see this story plot developing, and increasing tension between Carlos and his wife Cristina. Definitely worth to get a movie, gather your friends, watch some hot action, and have a good laugh in between watching gorgeous Carlos suffering in the closet. His acting is pretty good!
Its a rare case to see a woman in Kristen Bjorn’s movie, and in any gay porn production in general. It definitely spices up the whole production! I’ll post more info about this actress soon. Something tells me, you would prefer to know more about Carlos Montenegro. Check out his XXX galleries at KristenBjorn.com.
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