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Our First Tale: Centers around a Frenchman whose tale tells of a pair of bikers he spotted while on holiday in Latin America and what happened when he followed them into the woods. They hurtle into a siege of voracious kissing, groping, rimming, sucking, fucking and the first round of hot cum drenching money shots. The Frenchman strolls off, only to be joined by a tall, hot guy on off-road 4 wheeler. They too waste no time in connecting for an equally torrid bout of kissing, grinding, stroking, sucking, rimming and fucking. the 2 bikers invite the Frenchman and his friend back to their place. Things really heat up when the two couples mix and mingle in a variety of Bjorn-tested tableaux, each of which leads to a series of huge and potent ejaculations.  This scene is available as a free download for all members this week only.  KristenBjorn.com