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var affURL=’http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/sharedclip_redirect_ccbill_link.php?PA=YOUR.AFFILIATE.NUMBER’; flowplayer(“div.video_holder_1380”, {src:’http://nats.kristenbjorn.com/flash/flowplayer.swf’, width: 640, height: 360}, { playlist: [‘http://kristenbjorn.com/files/model/previewclips/992/previewclip_wides_large.jpg’, { autoPlay: false,autoBuffering: false,loop: false,url: ‘http://www.kristenbjorn.com/files/model/previewclips/992/sands2_preview.flv’,linkUrl: affURL } ], plugins: { controls: {all: true,play: true,scrubber: true,mute: true,fullscreen: true}} } ); Jalil and Donato are attending a very elegant party as they enjoy the view and reflect on their relationship. They have 2 rules that they live by, always share everything and never stay until the end of a party unless it is really worthwhile. Jalil and Donato are lead downstairs by Valentino and Tomas, but never make it to the bottom of the stairs. Valentino eagerly undresses Jalil as Tomas undresses Donato. Our 2 couples immediately begin sucking cock, Valentino on Jalil and Tomas on Donato. Now this is a gathering of oral expertise at its finest. Donato and Valentino begin to share Jalil’s huge cock, since it is possible and you can. Jalil moves into position so that he can enjoy the pleasures of both Donato and Valentino’s cocks as Tomas positions himself so that Valentino and Donato can pleasure his cock. The diamond sucksation grows with enthusiasm as well as pleasure until Tomas massages his hot load all over Valentino’s face. Valentino releases his creamy load on Jalil’s face quickly followed by Donato. Jalil licks his lovers cock and every last drop of cum dripping from the head of his cock. Dripping in cum Jalil erupts with his famous multiple orgasmic explosion of cum. Don’t leave the party yet, there is so much more to cum at this after party.   www.KristenBjorn.com