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, Tropical Adventure, Part 1 – Available now on DVD (Trailer), Kristen Bjorn's Blog
A New Kristen Bjorn Film Just Released.

Embark upon an adventure to the wilds of a tropical paradise, where eleven of the world’s most stunning international studs come together again and again for some of the hottest man-sex ever filmed! 
The Director’s Cut version includes the following extras:

  • A cumshot review
  • A photo gallery
  • A Behind The Scenes Gallery
  • An extended preview of TROPICAL ADVENTURE, Part 2
  • Free 14 day membership ($17.47 value) to the Kristen Bjorn website!
  • Total value of $77.42 for just $59.95
  • Current members price: $54.95 and get a free 14 day membership extention!

Click here for free trailer and free photo gallery!