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Marcos Oliveira and Juancho Severano have escaped for  a luxurious resort retreat. Although they are in the same suite, yet separate rooms Marcos sexts Juancho, letting the other know that they are horny for each other. Marcos leaves his bubble bath and joins Juancho in bed. After being scrubbed clean by all those bubbles, Juancho is hungry to get a taste of his clean, sexy man. Juancho takes Marcos’ growing cock into his hand and then begins sucking the life into it. With his cock already hard as a rock, Juancho luxuriates in the fresh smell, taste and feel of that long cock reaching back to the depths of his throat and filling him with pleasure. The guys swap up and Marcos retracts the foreskin of Juancho’s cock and teases and pleasures the head of his cock before Juancho begins to slowly fuck his mouth. Moving into a 69 position Marcos savors the flavor of Juancho’s smooth, pink hole. Juancho’s ass is too greedy to wait any longer and jumps up, positions himself on all 4’s in front of Marcos as he slips his elongated cock into Juancho. Marcos starts out with a slow, smooth pace as Marcos’ ass relaxes and opens up. It’s not long before Marcos is slamming his cock balls deep into Juancho’s ass, giving him everything he has been desiring. Another swap and this time Marcos is lowering his muscular ass down onto Juancho’s throbbing cock. Marcos glides up and down the entire length of Juancho’s cock, from the exposed cockhead down deep to his smooth balls. Another swap and this time Marcos is on his back as Juancho’s pace has reached a full-on rapid-fire fucking. All this hot action can’t last much longer as Marcos takes his granite cock into his hand and begins stroking out a load of cum that flies everywhere. Juancho then pulls out, lays back and Marcos jumps into position to be fed that hot load of creamy cum. Time to go back to the bubbles.