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The ultra sexy daddy, Jacob Lord is tasked with inducting the young and vibrant Samuel Blanco X into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. The contrasts are dynamic with Jacob and his hairy, muscular body and Samuel with his smooth, burgeoning body.

The guys immediately greet each other with a kiss that leads to even more intense kissing. Samuel’s hands are exploring Jacob’s firm, hairy torso as Jacob’s tongue delves deeper inside of Samuel’s sweet mouth.

Jacob moves quickly on Samuel and spreads his smooth, twunk ass to expose that hot, sweet pink center. Jacob dives in tongue first and never looks back. That powerful talents of Jacob’s tongue has Samuel relaxed and his ass ready for action.

Samuel takes a seat on Daddy Jacob’s lap and Jacob begins sucking on Samuel’s rock-hard cock. Samuel swaps with Jacob and quickly begins deep throating daddies magnificent cock. Jacob’s cock has been edged too close and it is time to flip Samuel.

Jacob bends Samuel over and rams his meaty cock deep inside of Samuel. Proving his exceptional skills, Samuel proves that this twunk is ready for a deep ass fucking.

Another swap and this time Samuel is squatting his ass down onto Jacob’s throbbing cock. Samuel immediately goes balls deep and does not let his foot off of the gas. Jacob and Samuel go back and forth with who is doing the fucking as Samuel slams his ass down onto Jacob’s cock and Jacob thrusting his cock intensely.

Jacob flips Samuel onto his back, spreads his legs open and plunges his cock balls deep. The sexual ferocity has reached its zenith as Jacob is feeling nothing but pure pleasure as he ramps up the power of his fucking. Samuel gives Jacob and sly smile and a nod to let him know he has hit the right spot. Samuel’s muscular ass has milked Jacob’s cock and Jacob rewards him with his creamy load of cum that coats Samuel’s hole then Jacob plunges his cock back inside. The feel of hot, wet cum inside of his ass pushes Samuel over the edge as he explodes his cum across his torso.