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Casting Couch 412: Maximo Fuentes, Adam Blake

Adam Blake has a jock strap fetish and invites his buddy Maximo Fuentes to come over and indulge him. The jock straps are dropped and Maximo takes a knee in front of Adam as he sucks on his meaty, uncut cock. Adam spits in Maximo’s mouth to make sure he is well lubricated for his cock and begins forcefully fucking his face and throat. Now it is time for Adam to show Maximo how well he sucks cock as Maximo’s long shaft parts Adam’s lips and glides across his wet tongue until he reaches the back of his throat. Adam sucks in as much air as possible, knowing that Maximo’s huge cock is invading his throat and breathing will become secondary to this beautiful cock. Adam then takes a seat, spreads his ass open as Maximo begins feasting on his hot pink hole. Taking advantage of the fact that Maximo is on his knees, Adam gets behind him and thrusts his cock deep inside his muscular ass. Maximo enjoys the sensation of Adam’s meaty cock building a steady rhythmic and forceful fucking as it continues to grow stronger. The guys move to a standing position without ever breaking their rhythm. The talents of Maximo’s ass seduce and coax Adam’s cock to succumb to his pleasures. Adam strains to control his rapidly rising desires and yields to the building pressure that has built up in his heavy ball sac. Adam unleashes his hot load of cum on and inside of Maximo’s ass, continuing to fuck Maximo full of his load. Adam pushes Maximo to the floor and onto his back as he squats down onto his throbbing cock, riding his cock deep and hard. Maximo demands that he go “faster” and Adam obeys as his cock flops around with every thrust. With the rapid-fire fucking, Maximo showers Adam’s ass with his creamy load of cum as Adam lowers his ass back down onto Maximo’s drained cock. It only takes a fetish.