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Banana Split: Max Hilton, Manuel Skye

Hitting the gym frequently and hard are two perfect physics that need no introductions, but deserve the recognition; Max Hilton and Manuel Skye. All of you hot men out there know that the gym is much more than about building muscles, its also about building friendships with like minded people. Max and Manuel have admired each other and have looked forward to this day, probably as much as we all have. After a hard workout it is necessary to unload all that pent-up energy and Max and Manuel have a lot of energy to share. The cocks are unleashed and the cock fight begins. Max takes the lengthy cock of Manuel’s into his mouth and begins to pleasure his rock-hard muscle with his hot mouth. Expanding his cock sucking skills, Max works his mouth up and down the full length of Manuel’s cock, going deeper with each new stride. Swapping positions, Manuel moves in and literally consumes Max’s throbbing cock deep into his mouth and down his throat. Max flips around and Manuel puts his magical tongue to work on Max’s hairy hole, probing and exploring all the glory that lies within. With Max in the most perfect position, Manuel stands up and rams his hot, raw rod deep inside of Max’s ass. As Manuel’s cock pierces his ass, Max gasps for air then feels the pure pleasure shoot throughout his entire body. As the fucking intensifies, Max is very verbal in letting Manuel know his pleasures and makes his desires well known. Switching up, Manuel shows us the gymnastic/acrobatic skills that he is very famous for as he does the splits between two tables while Max patiently awaits on a chair and his cock standing at full attention. Max’s cock penetrates Manuel perfectly and allows him the deepest penetration possible. Manuel’s skills are incredible as he goes beyond the basic split to the level of an Olympian. The guys flip again and Max is on his back with Manuel coming in deep and hard. Max is fucked perfectly in this position that his cock is quickly erupting his thick load of cum. Manuel scoops his load and eats it as he continues to fuck Max. With the taste of warm cum on his lips, Manuel erupts  a huge load of cum all over Max’s massive thighs and hairy hole. Manuel’s hunger for cum has not been satisfied until he leans in and licks up all of his cum from Max’s ass.