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Triple Pleasure: Marcos Oliveira, Klein Kerr, Bard Hern

I can think of nothing better to do on a rainy day then hook up with three friends: Brad Hern, Klein Kerr and Marcos Oliveira do just that, but not to watch movies, but to be the stars! The guys quickly begin stripping down as each of their huge cocks is set free and stroked by his buddies. Brad is the first to take a knee and begin sucking on Klein and Marcos’ beautifully elongated cocks. Brad works his mouth from one masculine cock to the other, savoring over 44 cm (17.5”) of rock-hard cock, slipping past his lips and deep down his throat. Relentlessly, Brad attacks both cocks in a fervent style that delivers pure pleasure to Klein and Marcos. Marcos is so fucking horny that he can’t hold back any longer and rams his raw cock deep inside of Bard’s ass. No sooner has Marcos got his wet cock inside of Brad that Klein pierces Marcos’ ass with his throbbing cock, making Marcos the center of this fuck train. With such an incredible view of three massive cocks standing at full attention and sending pleasure up their cock shaft and throughout each other’s bodies is the perfect solution to a rainy day. The guys switch it up and Brad is back to center as his ass is fucked by Klein massive cock and his mouth is pleasured by Marcos’ humongous cock. As Brad strokes his own magnificent cock, the guys notice that he is on the edge and decide to pick up the pace and send him over that edge as he shoots his load with two cocks filling him up. Swapping up again, this time Brad’s hot ass is tag-teamed by Marcos and Klein as they swap out the fucking. Brad’s ass is radiating red as the guys slap his ass as their huge cocks fuck him deep and hard. The cost of all this hot action has driven both men to the edge and Klein is the first to unload his milky cum onto Brad’s beet red ass and creates a glossy coating on Brad’s ass. Klein thrusts his cum drenched cock back into Brad’s ass. Marcos shoots his hot load of cum all over Brad’s already glossy ass. Klein pulls out and Marcos shoves his creamy cock into Brad’s drenched ass. Make the most of your rainy days.