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Ricky Piedra is enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the balcony when his good buddy Manuel Olveyra shows up. Manuel has embraced his “inner-Daddy” and looks so masculine and sexy with his new look and Ricky is ready to service Daddy! Since Ricky was already pleasuring himself before Manuel arrived he just jumps in and continues to pleasure Ricky’s cock with his warm, moist mouth. Ricky quickly flips and goes down deep on daddies straining hard-on. The guys move the hot action indoors with Manuel on all 4’s. Ricky spits on his cock and rams it deep into Manuel’s raw ass. Once Ricky has Manuel open he flips onto his back and Manuel sits his hot ass down onto Ricky’s throbbing cock. This position gives Manuel the ability to grind his ass against Ricky’s pubic bone and ride him with a hard-rhythmic motion that forces his own cock to erupt a huge creamy load of cum. All this hot, wet action has forced Ricky to stroke out his own load of thick cream. Ricky then plants his cum slicked cock back into his buddie’s wet ass.