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Casting Couch 383: Eli Chaim, Jakob Lee


Eli Chaim has played with Jakob Lee many times and has suggested that he make an audition video. Eli turns on the camera and leaves Jakob as he seductively begins to disrobe and show us why he should be in films. Eli returns and assists Jakob in show-casing his special talents. Beginning by sucking his tender, young cock, Eli wants to make sure that he is able to maintain an erection while in front of a camera. Jakob’s cock proves to be that of a seasoned star and quickly turns on Eli and starts sucking on his super lengthy cock. His cock sucking skills prove very worthy as Eli’s straining hard-on proves. Eli flips Jakob and dives deep into that burgeoning pink hole with his probing tongue. His perfect sphincter taunts and teases Eli to go deeper as Eli delves as deep as his tongue will permit him entry. Jakob is excited to show everyone that he is a very versatile performer and flips Eli and shoves his raw cock into the “experts” hairy ass. Eli is impressed with the feelings being pumped into his ass by the blossoming star fucking his ass, but it is time to test Jakob’s limits. Ely flips Jakob as he has him squat down on his hungry cock. His cock glides past Jakob’s perfect ring and continues to slide deeper and deeper as Jakob adjusts his breathing and crosses over the threshold into pure pleasure. As Eli feels Jakob adjust to his massive cock, he picks up the rhythm to match Jakob’s desire. The two have synced with each other and there is nothing but the ultimate sensation of pleasure flowing between Jakob and Eli. The chemistry that is exchanged between Eli and Jakob has brought Eli to the brink of no return as he showers his hot, creamy load of cum all over Jakob’s enthralling ass. Eli slips his cum drenched cock back into that bare ass and Jakob takes off like a rocket and rides Eli hard until his cock explodes his own thick load of cum all over his abs. I guess you could say a star is born!