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Casting Couc 390: Santi Sexy, Bela Barbell

Bela Barbell has called upon his friend, Santi Sexy to show him some cool moves that will impress his lovers. There has always been a sexual tension between the two and today they erase that tension. With their varying degrees of mocha colored skin, it is incredible to watch as the two meld into one. Santi drops to his knees, spits on Bela’s hard cock before it disappears into his mouth and down his throat. Bela is shown how to truly worship a man’s cock as Santi sucks, licks and swallows his cock forcing it to grow harder with each flick of Santi’s tongue. Now it is time for Bela to demonstrate what he has just experienced as he takes Santi’s cock balls deep into his mouth. Bela then bends Santi over and rams his hard, raw cock deep inside of Santi’s hungry hole. Giving Santi a deep, rough fucking Bela delights Santi as he moans out his approval and desire for more. The guys switch it up as Santi lowers his ass down onto Bela’s throbbing cock and begins to ride it like a roller coaster ravaging the tracks to new and greater thrills. As Santi’s cock flops around with each thrust of Bela’s cock deep in his ass it has grown harder and stronger and is stretched to the limits. Santi takes his cock into his hand one last time as he strokes out his creamy load of cum all over Bela’s muscular thigh. Throughout all this action, Bela has not let up on his intense fucking and with Santi’s ass muscles gripping his cock firmly Bela has only one choice left. Bela showers Santi’s thighs with his load of cum as Santi lowers his wet ass back down onto Bela’s cum soaked cock that fills his ass with cock and cum. The beginner has now become the master.