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Casting Couch 392: Andy Star, Marcos Oliveira

Newcomer Marcos Oliveira was asked who he would like his debut performance to be with and he said there was no other choice but the incredible Andy Star. We thought the same thing and arranged for the two handsome men to meet as Andy began Marcos’ training. The guys are evenly matched with their toned, muscular bodies, scruffy beards and ever-present hard cocks. Andy moves in and takes Marcos’ heavy balls into his mouth and tugs at them as Marcos’ cock expands and elongates. Andy works his ravenous tongue up the long shaft of Marcos’ cock before engulfing it into his wet mouth. Andy’s mouth is drooling over the pleasures that Marcos’ cock is bringing his mouth and throat. Switching things up, Andy wants to see what Marcos’ cock sucking skills are like and finds out that Marcos is a natural and so he begins face fucking his greedy mouth. Andy reaches up and begins stimulating his nipples, where that threshold of pleasure and pain is blurred. Pulling himself back before he reaches the point of no return, Andy massages Marco’s smooth ass with his hard cock before slipping it deep and past the ring of entry. Marcos takes one gasp before he begins to feel the pleasure rushing throughout his body as Andy’s cock builds a momentum of fucking. Andy quickly learns that Marcos likes it a bit rough, so he begins withdrawing and then ramming his cock back in and out repeatedly as he can see how this raises Marcos’ level of pleasure. The guys switch positions as Marcos eases his cock into Andy’s perfect ass. Marcos finds that, like himself, Andy enjoys a withdrawal followed by a deep thrust and gives it to him hard. As the fucking intensifies, Marcos finds the pleasure building and gripping his cock hard and tight as he hits the exact spot that Andy loves to be massaged causing Andy’s hot load of cum to flow freely. All this excitement and all this pleasure forces Marcos to erupt with his huge load of cum all over Andy’s wet ass. We think Andy has brought out the best in Marcos and we should be seeing more of him in the future.