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Castinng Couch 393: John Rodriguez, Max Saga

John Rodriguez and Max Saga have just arrived at their villa in the beautiful tropics, where the sun and sand have the men hungry for sex. No need to unpack, because the clothes are coming off and Max is famished and needs John’s rock-hard cock in his mouth. John looks down at Max’s handsome face as his cock disappears past his luscious lips and into his throat. Max works his way up and down John’s cock shaft then ever so gently gives his balls a good tugging with his tongue to intensify the pleasure. John switches up with Max and gives his burnished cock the sucking it so deserves. Max then takes John’s head into his hand and guides him deeper down onto his cock. John turns Max around and spreads his cinnamon colored ass cheeks open and delves in tongue first. After a hot ass eating, John is ready to have his ass plowed by Max’s incredible cock. John is on all 4’s as Max comes in from behind and rams his raw cock balls deep into John’s pleasure hole. John backs up onto Max’s cock as the two work in unison to heighten their pleasures. Max flips John onto his back and pops his cock in and out of that hot ass as the gluttony of pleasure demands to be fed more. John is no longer able to contain himself as the frothy cum flows from his cock. Max continues fucking John as the cum flows until he too is unable to withstand the mounting pleasure and erupts his thick, creamy load of cum all over John’s smooth, wet ass. Max uses the head of his cock to massage John’s pucker hole with his cum then gives him a 3 finger cum fuck.