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Gianni Maggio is “the expert” with a massive cock that is going to show Valentino Sistor, beginner how to show your best side to the camera. As soon as Valentino sees Gianni’s colossal cock, he jumps on it and shows that he is no beginner when it comes to cock sucking. His cock sucking skills are actually quite impressive as he is able to take all 24 cm (9.5”). Gianni is thinking to himself, “if this guy’s mouth is this talented, I can’t wait to see how deep I can go in his ass.” Valentino’s ass gets a thorough tongue lashing before Gianni slams his cock, balls deep inside of him. While holding his ass open, Valentino shows Gianni that he is eager to take that huge, raw cock. Gianni fucks Valentino in multiple positions before creaming his ass with his thick load of cum. As Gianni swirls his cum all around Valentino’s ass, Valentino strokes his cock as Gianni laps up his sweet cum. With that hot tongue teasing his ass, Valentino shoots his hot load. Valentino may be a beginner to gay porn, but not to monster cocks.

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Casting Couch #433: Valentino Sistor Gianni Maggio