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Juancho Severano introduces us to the newest inductee to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, Jay Anders. This neighborhood is in for a treat, because these guys are exhibitionists and have no problem leaving the doors open for the neighbors to take a peak. Juancho moves his lips up the smooth, muscular thighs of Jay as he makes his way to the treasure at the base of those hot thighs. Jay is hypnotized by Juancho’s luscious lips as his throbbing cock is released from his jock strap. Juancho wraps his fist around the meaty cock and retracts the foreskin as he begins lapping at the exposed cock head. Jay grabs hold of Juancho’s head and starts to press his head down onto his cock as he face fucks his ravenous mouth. Proving that he is an aggressive sex partner, Jay flips Juancho onto all 4’s with his face down, ass up as he rams his raw cock deep and hard into Juancho’s sexy ass. With the aggressive fucking, Juancho cries out as Jay hammers his cock deeper and harder as he gives Juancho’s white ass a smack, leaving a tinge of pleasure behind. Jay reaches a rapid-fire fucking then retracks his cock before slamming it back in and continuing with his hardcore fucking. With the fierceness of Jay’s fucking, he pounds his creamy load of cum deep within Juancho’s ass, this only slows Jay down momentarily as he continues fucking as his cream escapes from Juancho’s ass. Jay flips Juancho again and this time he has him squat his ass down onto his pulsating cock. Once again, Jay proves that aggressive fucking is his pleasure and pounds Juancho’s ass until he is erupting another creamy load of cum. Juancho teases the load out of his cock by allowing only the head of his cock to slip in and out of his cum drenched ass. Welcome to the Society Jay, you greedy, aggressive fucker.