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International star Antonio Miracle introduces us to the newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men; Samuel Redx.  As the guys enter the room in only their sexy jock straps the sexual energy flows so freely as their lips meet and their cocks test the strength of their jocks. Antonio releases his hefty cock and Samuel drops to his knees and thoroughly examines the magnificent cock before him. Samuel bounces that meaty cock in his hand, retracts the foreskin to reveal the glistening mushroom head. Swirling his wet tongue around that succulent head before wrapping his lips around it and plunging down onto Antonio’s throbbing cock shaft. Samuel looks up at Antonio’s handsome face several times and Antonio spits into his mouth to refresh and add to the saliva that is lubricating his rock-hard cock. The guys swap up and Samuel knows that Antonio is an expert and takes full advantage of his highly crafted skills and begins fucking his face with his steel rod that is expanded by his cockring. Another swap and Antonio bends over the sofa and Samuel is on top of that furry ass, delving in tongue first and exploring all the masculine sweetness emanating from deep within. After a thorough tongue bath, Samuel stands up and rams his raw cock deep inside of Antonio’s ass and immediately begins an aggressive deep ass fucking. Another swap and this time Samuel is lowering his hot ass onto Antonio’s straining cock. As Samuel slams his ass down onto Antonio’s cock his own hard cock is flopping around and arousing itself with each thrust. One more swap and Antonio finds himself on his back and Samuel on top of him, spreading his legs open and fucking him deep and hard. Antonio takes his cock in and hand and the guys are stroking in unison as the raw ass fucking intensifies. As the pressure builds in both men’s cocks it is Antonio that explodes his creamy load of cum first as it lands all over his heaving chest and ripped abs. Just as the last of Antonio’s cum is expelled, Samuel pulls out and sits down on Antonio’s cum drenched cock. As Samuel rides Antonio’s cock Antonio strokes his cock as thick globes of cum erupt forth. The sexual energy between these sexy men is undeniable.