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Being inducted into the Society of Select Men, Hurricane Domi strips down as he slips into bed with the very handsome Nicholas Bardem. As the bulges in their jock straps rapidly grow, Nicholas begins chewing thru Hurricanes straining jock strap before releasing his fat, uncut cock and taking it into his hungry mouth. Hurricane is pinching and stimulating his nipples as Nicholas sucks on his cock, bringing it to its full length and girth. With his own straining cock demanding attention, Nicholas moves into position and shoves his cock into Hurricane’s hungry mouth. Hurricane is being stimulated and aroused at every angle as his face is being fucked by a magnificent cock, pinching his nipple, and stroking his thick cock, feeling the pleasure radiate throughout his entire body. Swapping positions, Hurricane bends Nicholas over and rams his raw cock deep inside of his furry ass, immediately picking up his pace as he slams Nicholas’ ass. Another swap and Nicholas is on his back and the Hurricane is blowing in with such force that there is only pleasure in this Hurricane. As Hurricane pumps his cock in and out of Nicholas’ ass, he is also filling Nicholas’ ass with such force that Nicholas grabs his cock and begins stroking it as the pleasure builds and consumes him until his balls draw up tight and flood his cock with his erupting load of cum. Hurricane feels the vice grip around his cock and unleashes his hot, milky load of cum all over Nicholas’ starving tongue and lips. Hurricane shoves his hooded cock into Nicholas’ mouth to be cleaned of all the cum then Hurricane leans in and laps up his own juice and kiss the cum away from Nicholas’ face.