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Another day, another adventure as the ever-sexy Oskar Ivan inducts the meaty muscle man and his bouncing pecs, Augusto Arias into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Augusto has worked long and hard to gain all that muscle mass and is more than happy to flex and show all his splendor. All muscles does not mean a lack of sensuality as Augusto embraces Oskar and envelopes him is some passionate kissing and caressing. Augusto wants a taste of the delights in front of him and drops to his knees and begins sucking on Oskar’s straining cock then just as quickly turns him around to get a taste of the delicacy of his hairy ass. Oskar is rotated several times before dropping down and feasting on the magnificent cock that is begging for his attention. Running his hot tongue up and down the strong cock shaft, Oskar makes sure to take time out to pleasure the bulbous cockhead at the crown of Augusto’s cock, making Augusto moan and gasp with pleasure. With Augusto’s cock saturated with his saliva, Oskar mounts Augusto and begins fucking himself, feeling the hot, wet cock filling his hungry hole. The guys flip and Oskar is on all 4’s as Augusto slams his cock deep inside of his hairy hole, fucking him with an energetic yet sultry pace. Another flip and Oskar finds himself on his back with his legs spread wide as Augusto has clear access and drives his cock deeper and harder. Oskar grabs hold of his cock as the pressure and pleasure are building quickly deep within and strokes in unison with Augusto’s pumping cock. The position has stroked Oskar’s ass perfectly as he begins moaning aloud as his hot load of cum erupts all over his hairy thighs and abs. Augusto is on the verge and pulls out as Oskar spreads his perfectly spherical ass, giving Augusto a bullseye to hit. One more wink of that perfect hole and Augusto is creaming and coating it with his huge, thick globs of milky cum. The muscle man has given us a show and we want to see more!