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Kyle Fox has the pleasure of inducting Andre Cruise


Andre Cruise sits down and tells us that he is very excited and passionate about being inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the very handsome Kyle Fox. Andre’s eyes do not hide his excitement as Kyle enters the room as they begin stripping away their clothing.

Kyle moves right in on that sweet spot as he lunges forward and into that hot, pink ass of Andre’s. Kyle feasts on that sweet ass before running his hot tongue up those smooth balls and upward along Andre’s hard cock shaft. Kyle works his way from cock to ass and back again as the aromas of both cock and ass fill his senses with desire. Kyle’s tongue can feel the vibrations budding from Andre’s ass and gives him exactly what he wants as he rams his raw, uncut cock deep inside of that perfect pink, pucker hole. Andre groans out his pleasure, desires and demands for Kyle to fuck him harder, deeper, and longer as his eyes roll back into head with lustful passion engulfing his ass.

The guys swap up positions and Andre wants a taste of his hot ass juices that are coating Kyle’s throbbing cock and sucks it balls deep, each swallow bringing him heightened pleasure.

Another swap and this time Andre squats his ass down onto Kyle’s manly cock and goes for a wild ride, filling his ass completely with each downward thrust. Andre and Kyle have no communication issues as they let the other know exactly what and how they like it. Andre is a hungry cock sucker and needs to suck on Kyle’s pulsating cock every time his ass is not being filled with it, this also assures him that everything is well lubricated and tasting delicious.

Getting onto all 4’s, Andre shows that he is a hungry fucker as well as he displays his pink hole and backs himself onto Kyle’s awaiting cock and then thrusts himself on and off of it in sheer delight. Kyle can only resist for so long and has reached that point and gives Andre exactly what he has been dreaming of, a mouthful of hot, creamy cum. As Andre is sucking Kyle’s cock clean of all remaining cum, he blasts his own massive load of cum. This is one satisfied young man, but I am thinking this satisfaction will not last long, who’s next?