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Versatility reigns supreme with Thiago Da Silva and Jason Rock


Today the very handsome Jason Rock, with the sensual glow of his almond colored, muscular body is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the equally handsome and sexy Thiago Da Silva.

As the guys begin stripping away their clothing, Thiago runs his tongue along the full length of Jason’s muscular torso and beyond. With the last item of clothing discarded Thiago moves in and begins sucking on Jason granite cock. Jason is hungry and puts his hand on the back of Thiago’s head, thrusting him all the way to the base of his cock, feeling Thiago’s throat open as his head presses on.

The guys swap and now Jason gets his chance at Thiago’s thick, meaty cock, making sure to linger and enjoy the foreskin wrapped around Thiago’s swelling cock head. While Thiago’s cock is being devoured, he pinches and pleasures his nipples, bringing his cock to full fruition in both girth and length.

Another swap and this time the guys go at a 69 with both of their asses being eaten and tongue fucked in tandem. Thiago is the first to get his ass fucked as Jason slips his slicked up raw cock deep inside of Thiago’s primed ass. Jason is hungry for Thiago’s cock and bends over and gives up his beautiful ass as Thiago thrusts his juicy cock in Jason’s awaiting hole. The guys go back and forth fucking each other, making sure that deep penetrating pleasure is the only thing on the menu today.

Another flip and this time Jason squats his ass down onto Thiago’s swelling cock, riding him hard as his own cock slaps around with each deep thrust. One last flip and this time Thiago is on his back with Jason’s rock-hard cock building in momentum as the fucking intensifies.

Jason is unable to resist the pleasure that has engulfed his heaving cock and explodes deep inside of Thiago’s ass. As Jason’s cock pulls out, Thiago squeezes out the generous load Jason has just deposited. Jason begins fingering Thiago with his cum slicked fingers bringing Thiago to a passionate ejaculation of creamy cum. Versatility reigns supreme in this Casting!