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Giant cocks on giant men, Andy Onassis and Lionel Lilac


Today we are very aroused to have the pleasure to meet the very handsome Lionel Lilac, who is being inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the huge muscle man only eclipsed by his monster cock the always debonair Andy Onassis.

Lionel begins with a slow and seductive striptease, which gets our blood pumping quickly throughout all of our special zones when our gentle giant, Andy walks into the room and begins his own striptease. When Andy steps up to kiss Lionel we find that we are now in the presence of two magnificent giants.

The guys are all hands and lips as the kissing turns seductive. Their hands find that both cocks are loaded and ready for action and have yet to be unleashed from their constrictive clothing. Andy releases his incredible cock, the sheer girth of it gags even the best deep throat cock sucker. Lionel then releases his equally impressive monster cock, please let this be a 3 way and I am the third!

Andy leans in and gets to experience what it is like to suck his own cock as he seductively runs his lips and mouth down the substantial cock shaft of Lionel. It is a long way down to the base and Andy only pauses for a second to consume as much cock as possible. As Andy reaches the base then pulls off, we can see the steel rod of Lionel ready to burst at the seam.

Lionel lies back and Andy begins slapping his face with his meaty cock before the huge mushroom head slips inside of Lionel’s hungry mouth. Andy repositions himself and gives Lionel his huge muscle ass to feast on. This keeps Lionel’s cock standing as strong as a pillar reaching for the skies.

Andy gets flipped around and Lionel comes in from behind as he slips his massive cock into Andy’s hairy ass. Lionel rams his granite cock in and out of Andy’s pleasure hole as both monster cocks remain strong and steady.

Another flip and this time Andy lowers his ass down onto Lionel’s colossal cock shaft. In this position Andy is able to massage his prostate perfectly. Andy leans back and strokes his cock to a huge eruption of cum that Lionel’s mouth is ready to capture. As Lionel swallows Andy’s huge load his cock is still fucking that hot ass. Lionel leans back and Andy laps at his hairy balls and is ready to receive his heavy load of cum as it gushes from Lionel’s explosive cock.