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Casting Couch 5 and 6: the hottest auditions you will ever want in your collection.  Our next segment stars Jalil Jarar and Aymeric DeVille.  Jalil is lying in bed watching his partner taking a sexy, teasing shower.  Jalil is turned on by what he sees, playing with his nipples and releasing his cock from its restraints to further his enjoyment.  Aymeric joins him in bed and immediately goes down on Jalil’s huge cock.  Jalil’s moaning tells us how good Aymeric is at his oral skills.  Jalil flips Aymeric over and dives into his hot pink hole with his tongue.  Aymeric then stands up and grabs onto the rafter above the bed and throws his ankles on Jalil’s shoulders.  Jalil dives right into that hot pink hole with his huge mushroom head, burying it nice and deep.  An amazing position to see, a man hanging from the rafters being fucked, we all hear about it, now see it.  Aymeric comes down to all 4’s and we get to watch his huge balls and cock swing in the air as Jalil bangs his balls on Aymeric’s ass.  Jalil then flips Aymeric onto his back and keeps the fucking hard and deep.  Aymeric explodes with a great sense of pleasure.  Jalil feels Aymeirc’s ass tighten around his cock and pulls out, climbs onto Aymeric’s chest and blows his load all over Aymeric’s tongue, lips and face.  Blows his load is an understatement, he blows 9 different squirts into that hot, hungry mouth.  This scene alone is worth buying the set!  KristenBjorn.com