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Lucius Socrates and Julio star in our next segment featured in the Casting Couch Vol 7 and 8. Two tall, handsome, dark carameled skin men with huge cocks and huge appetites for each other. Luscious lips join together for a kiss of passion, tongues dance together with joy as dicks engorge with passion. Lucius takes Julio’s beautiful cock in his mouth and begins to give Julio his oral pleasures. Both men exchange their oral gifts with each other, driving the other wild with desire for more. Julio then begins to loosen Lucius’ ass with his huge tongue, opening his hole before Julio’s straining cock penetrates Lucius deeply. Julio fucks Lucius full of passion and pleasure. Lucius’ cock remains rock hard and full of his juice straining to be released with every deep stroke of Julio’s cock. Julio continues his long, deep strokes as Lucius strokes in unison with Julio’s strokes until his cock explodes with pleasure. Julio is pushed over the edge of pleasure by Lucius’ ass muscles and explodes his hot load on top of Lucius’ cum covered abbs. We close as we started, with a deep and tender kiss. Have you shared something tender today?   KristenBjorn.com