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Double Dippers, just what you need to heat up your cold winter night and ass.  Our next segment stars Lucas Lucky, David Dirdam, Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andres.  Lucas and David are hanging out have a good time sucking, fucking, rimming each other, a perfect afternoon.  They step outside and find two hot men passing by, maybe more could be made out of today.  Lucas is drenched in cum after sucking everyone off at the doorstep.  Pedro and Daniel are invited in for some wild pleasures.  Daniel takes David and flips him upside down and eats his ass raw as David licks and sucks on the head of his own dick.  Daniel eats that ass so well that David shoots his hot load in his own mouth.  Lucas is thrown down on a table and taken hard by Pedro.  Pedro makes sure to fuck the load out of Lucas.  The newly formed couples come together for a hot double penetration.  David is eager to sit down on Pedro and Daniel is more than happy to come at him from the rear.  The camera angels are amazing, you get to see every thrust up close.  I swear you can smell the heat of their flesh pounding David hard and deep.  David is an expert at riding big and hard cocks, he craftily rides them so that he forces both of them to cum at the same time.  Daniel and Pedro pull out to cum on each others cocks.  Is your mouth watering yet?  Mine is!   KristenBjorn.com