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It has finally happened for Max Saga and Mario Roma. The schedules have been cleared, work is complete, phones are off and all has fallen into place so our two sexy guys can get hot and wild with no interruptions. Max seductively strips his clothes and drops them onto Mario, who is watching from below the balcony. Mario strips Max of his last article of clothing, his underwear, where he encounters his perfectly curved cock waiting to find its way down his throat. Expertly running his hot lips and mouth up and down Max’s dark cock shaft, Mario demonstrates just how hungry he has been for this moment. Mario is not only famished for cock, but Max’s beefy, muscular ass. He spins Max around, spreads those beautiful mounds and finds the treat he has been dreaming of and gives Max the tongue fucking we all dream of. Max takes his opportunity and begins to retract Mario’s foreskin as his tongue comes in and tastes the delicacies that were hidden beneath his hood. As Max inhales Mario’s cock, he tugs on his heavy, hairy balls and brings Mario’s excitement to a new level of pleasure and pain. Before he gets too excited, Mario bends Max over the sofa and rams his wet, raw cock deep into Max’s huge ass. Mario changes positions and Max lowers his ass onto Mario’s throbbing cock. Max’s cock swells to full capacity with each deep thrust of Mario’s cock. The guys switch again and this time muscle bear, Mario finds himself on his back as Max’s chestnut cock parts his hairy, pink hole and slides deep inside. The view of the handsome muscle bear with his legs spread open and taking his hard cock really turns Max on. Max is unable to control himself any longer and shoots his hot load of cum all over Mario’s ass. Swirling the cum with his fingers, Max begins to massage Mario’s ass with his cum, which sends Mario over the edge and blows his thick, creamy load onto his furry abs. Keep that schedule clear, we need to repeat this again.