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Group sex: the gathering of more than 3 people for sexual pleasure. This is and can be a very intimidating encounter for a lot of people. The secret to any encounter is your level of confidence. Although Valentino and Mike are new to all this they remain open to new adventures and experiences. Jake is at home relaxing at the pool and gives Mattias a call and invites him over. Mattias informs Jake that he has a couple of friends with him, of course this sounds like a great party to Jake. The guys arrive and start playing around in the water, holding one buoyant while the others suck his cock or rim his wet ass before moving to the edge of the pool. Mattias and Jake are sitting on the pools edge as Valentino and Rado savor their hard cocks as Mike exposes his luscious hole for Rado’s pleasure as well. While Rado is tongue fucking Mike’s perfect pink hole Valentino is working his way back and forth between Jake and Mattias’ hot cocks. Valentino is running his hungry tongue up and down Mattias’ rigid shaft that he cannot withhold his load any longer and erupts all over Valentino’s face. Jake has been so turned on watching Valentino sucking on his buddies cock and feeling his own cock buried in Rado’s mouth that feels like a hot tunnel of pleasure that he releases his creamy load all over Rado’s face. Jake and Mattias are then working over Mike and Valentino’s balls with their tongues as they unleash their loads on Jake and Mattias’ faces. Take a deep breath, and allow the pleasure to flow through you in your next group.  www.KristenBjorn.com