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Happy Birthday/Feliz Aniversário Pedro Andreas.  Pedro is from Brazil, is 5’9″, 160, 9″ u/c and versatile.  Pedro has starred in Tropical Adventure Parts 1&2, Skin Deep Parts 1&2, El Rancho, Pride Parts 1&2, Action Parts 1&2, Love Addiction, Casting Couch 1&2, 3&4 and our newest release Double Dippers.  Pedro is an amazingly handsome man with a body that all men dream to have or at least touch.  His beautiful cock makes every bottom wet with desire and an ass that every top drips pre-cum to get at.  Perfection in motion, how else can you describe such a wonder?  Be prepared to get soaking wet with his performances all for you at www.KristenBjorn.com