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On a beautiful autumn day Paull Bradd is out enjoying the day when he notices Magnus Loki and decides to see if he can seduce him with his banana eating skills and Magnus automatically follows the bouncing muscular ass down the street.

Magnus follows Paull up to his flat and once inside the action skyrockets into overdrive. Intense kissing, groping and stripping ensues. Paull strips Magnus of his briefs and his lengthy cock is out and demanding attention. Paull takes his cock all the way to the base before servicing it with his expert cock sucking skills. Magnus grabs hold of the rafters and begins face fucking Paull with a pendulum motion.

The guys swap things up and Magnus is eager to get to that huge ass he saw on the street. Spreading those muscular mounds apart, Magnus begins a feast of plenty on that hot, smooth, pucker hole.

Magnus takes advantage of Paull’s eagerness and the fact that he just lubed up that ass with his spit and rams his rock-hard cock deep inside of Paull’s muscular ass. After some deep, penetrating fucking Paull drops to the bed and Magnus lands on top of him to continue with his deep ass fucking.

Paull gets flipped onto his back and Magnus picks up with his fucking without skipping a beat. Paull and Magnus look at each other and smile, all is “Hunky Dory” with this hook up. Magnus picks up the intensity of his fucking and drives himself right over the edge as he pulls out and showers his creamy cum all over Paull’s hungry ass. Magnus begins fingering Paull’s cum drenched ass, which triggers him to shoot his thick load of cum.