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Having one of those nights where he just can’t sleep, Adam Tyrant goes to his favorite app on his phone and finds that Lucio Saints is up and looking as well. Lucio knows exactly what the situation is and when he arrives, he immediately pulls out his growing cock and Adam drops to his knees.

Apparently, Adam’s insomnia is due to the fact that he needs to get off. His hunger drives him to swallow the entirety of Lucio’s meaty cock that is still growing in his throat and mouth. Adam leads Lucio away from the entrance to a “quieter” area of the apartment, where he can really suck that monster cock.

The lust coursing through Adam’s body has his cock in a permanent rock-hard state and Lucio cups his smooth balls in his hands and begins sucking on that granite cock. The guys go back and forth with their cock sucking, bringing pleasure to both of the throbbing cocks.

Lucio knows that time is of the essence and also knows that Adam is horny as hell and ready to get fucked. Lucio turns Adam around and begins his tongue fuckfest that will surely prep that smooth ass for his gigantic cock. Lucio’s magnificent tongue has Adam’s desires flying off the charts. Lucio knows that it is time.

Rising up to a preeminent position behind Adam, Lucio rams his massive cock in and out of Adam’s ass, allowing him to catch his breath in between each thrust, until he is ready for the ride of his life. It’s not long before Adam’s ass has adjusted to the huge cock assailing his ass, as Lucio continues ramming his cock in and out of that majestic ass, this time it is just for the sheer pleasure of it all.

A quick change and now Adam is squatting his ass down onto Lucio’s pulsating cock. The guys go back and forth as to who is fucking who. While Adam is pounding his ass down hard onto Lucio’s strong cock Lucio torments, teases and stimulates Adam’s pierced nipples for added pleasure.

Another flip and Adam lies on the floor then throws his legs over his head, leaving his ass in the air and ready for Lucio. Lucio points his cock down and into Adam’s talented ass. Again, Lucio rams his cock in and out of Adam’s fully exposed ass.

One last flip and this time Adam in on his back with his legs spread wide open and Lucio thrusting his cock balls deep inside of Adam. Lucio rises to his feet to give himself a fuller, deeper experience. This position massages Lucio’s cock perfectly as his load of hot cum rains down on Adam’s pink hole. While Lucio is dumping the last of his cum inside of Adam, Adam shoots a huge, milky load of cum all over his smooth abs. Time to run!