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Jagged Mountain Sc. 3 starring Stany Falcone and Leonardo Lucatto.  Stany and Leonardo are two truckers out on their daily rounds.  The jostling in the truck has gotten their minds on more important things then their deliveries.  At their next stop they head to the barn and find out what excitement lies under their overhauls.  Don’t you love delivery men who don’t wear anything under their uniforms?  Leonardo is hungry and goes straight for Stany’s juicy cock.  Being the hungry cock sucker that he is, Leonardo loves a hot cock down his throat.  Stany is in too much pleasure and can not hold back.  He blows his load all over Leonardo’s hairy chest, Leonardo rubs the hot cum all over his chest and nipples then sucks the last drops of juice from Stany’s cock.  Leonardo then gives Stany a face fucking with his fat, uncut cock.  After slapping his cock across Stany’s face, Leonardo bends Stany over a truck tire and eats his ass just like he eats cock, with enthusiasm.  Leonardo keeps Stany bent over the tire and gives him a deep and hard pounding.  Beyond excitement, Leonardo begins to blow his load deep inside of Stany before he is able to pull out and show us his hot juice flowing.  KristenBjorn.com