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Our hot trio decide to burn off their extra adrenaline after their workout with a hot group session. The entire scene takes place outside, where they lose their martial arts robes and start by engaging in a daisy-chain, with Daniel getting sucked by muscle man Rick as the very-well-hung Andras sticks his tongue into Rick’s bubble-butt. Rick then slides into Andras doggy and begins to plow his ass with rapid thrusts, and then Daniel straddles Andras and shoves his cock down Rick’s throat, while Rick never misses a stroke. Then Rick reclines, spreads his legs wide, and Andras fucks him. Rick then gets fucked sidesaddle by Daniel, while he tries to swallow all of Andras’ huge cock. Completing the circle, Daniel then fucks Andras as Andras jerks off to a huge climax. Daniel pulls out and spurts huge jets of cum that land on Andras’ torso, followed by Rick, who loses it as Andras jerks him off.  This is a free download for all members this week.  www.KristenBjorn.com