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*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( http://www.ManNet.com )

A porn film within a porn film, done by the talented and experienced Kristen Bjorn, can only be great, and this one truly is.

Since Bjorn himself knows what it’s like to be behind the camera as well as a star, he manages to make this adventure both believable and hot, and he gets things off to a rocket-ship blast with the first scene, which shows us how a couple of porn producers work out their erotic fantasies, while maybe also choreographing their next shoot.

Etienne Cendras and Rocco Banks are the studs who deliver the first act with great attention to their work. The begin with an outdoor blowjob scene that has Rocco getting his juicy-looking meat downed by Etienne and a very short time later, after each stud has shot off once, Rocco doing one heckuva good job on Etienne’s pink hole. Then the two men repair to a bedroom, where they do a versatile, flip-flop fuck that is a beautiful thing to watch. More cum-shots follow, with the dudes reaming huge again.

Porn Star billionaire (um, o-kayyyyyyy) Rocky Oliveira finds a couple of surprises on his doorstep when he gets home, fans who want an autograph and perhaps a little bit more. Rocky invites them in, and soon he’s watching as the fans (Bruno Jones and Marko Brenos) show the pro a thing or two about getting off. Rocky gets naked while watching the two trade off sucks, and then, when he can’t stand it anymore, he dives into the middle of their meatwich. Rocky is as gorgeous as ever, his body perfect, his face handsome, and his ass made for fucking (actually, if I was gonna believe any porn star could be a billionaire, it would be Rocky), but we don’t get to that until near the end of the scene. First he assists with his tongue, licking Marko’s ass and Bruno’s cock, and milking a big load out of Bruno’s fat cock. The remainder of the scene is a three-way fuck that only performers of this calibre could pull off, with the guys perched on a chair in a sandwich fuck that ends with more big loads.

Next we get a look at Porn Star Boot Camp (sign me up, please), where Eduard Dubov, Sandro Casceres, Rogelio Diaz, Massimo Cannelli and Apolo Knowbles (who have apparently seen the hilarious ad that precedes the scene) are under the control of hot drill sergeants Aitor Crash and Mateo Perez. Aitor and Mateo have their charges naked and hard in no time, and then give the newbies some very instructive oral sex lessons. First class is blowjobs, then ass-rimming, and truly, I think I actually may have learned a trick or two myself watching Aitor and Mateo. Next it’s Fuck Class, and every stud in the place has his fill of ass plowing by the time the class is over. LUNCH!

Aitor takes a break to piss while the other studs pair up for private lessons next. Aitor and Mateo oversee a three-way fuck and then a three-way suck-off session, and then they get involve in the action with side-by-side pairs, both of the drill instructors this time getting drilled up the butt. This sensational four-way is followed up by a daisy-chain suck scene shot in a stairwell, and believe me, you’ll never look at a spiral staircase in quite the same way again. Let’s just say that at this academy, there is a very thorough hands-on curriculum in the fine art of sucking and fucking, and the graduates are all certified at the end.

Next, we get a peek inside the private life of billionaire porn photographer (okay, just go with it) Armando Del Toro. Armando is taking stills of a sizzling pair of studs, Franco Dominicci and Max Duran. And yeah, the fluffing gets all serious, too – Franco and Max suck, rim, and fuck for Armando’s flashing camera, and even when they’re fucking, they pause so he can get the best shots. Talk about pros. But not everything is rosy with he models, as we find out later. No problem, though, because apparently there’s always another hot pair of men around the corner. The next two are Kane O’Farrell (as a new talent) and Ricci Julian (as the scout who discovers him). Back at Armando’s, Kane is a quick study, showing off his rock-hard body and sexy tatts as Ricci poses with him and Armando takes the snaps.

Eventually, the three get around to fucking, with Kane getting his ass eaten by Ricci first, then trading off blowjobs that end in a huge round of blasts from all three (even Armando, who is still behind the camera at this point). Kane fucks Ricci next, which leads to the next round of cum-shots, some of which Kane eats right off Ricci’s hot brown ass. But then, things get really interesting when all of the studs who have been at Armando’s that day (including Franco and Max) get together for a huge five-way finale that has as its centerpiece a double-penetration fuck, with Armando sitting on both Kane and Ricci’s cocks.

And that’s just the start of this fucking marathon, which is so frenzied and varied that it’s astounding. Asses are plowed left and right, and the combinations of the men are as stunning as they are gorgeous to watch. This orgy comes to a very heady end with cum flying and being eaten hungrily off faces. It’s almost too hot to be true.

“Action!: Part 2” begins with my current two favorite party boys, Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin, who reprise their flip-flop fuck that they’ve done for Bjorn before. Funny, but no matter how many times I see it, it never gets boring. This time, they’re all over a bathroom, using oil on their muscles and then literally flipping around to fuck each other in short turns, each man driving home into the ass of the other easily. Pedro cums and then shoves his still dripping cock back into Daniel then Daniel blasts off into Pedro’s open mouth, then leans in for a kiss at the end of this stunning scene.

After a short infomercial about Internet piracy and the Russian Mafia (The More You Know, Da da da daaaa!), we get to watch Alex Brinsky and Eric Demko get busy all over their living room, which includes mutual sucking, and a slamming fuck where Alex gets Eric to blast off while he’s fucking him.

Jean Franko, yet another billionaire porn star (I mean, how many could there be?) gets an offer he can’t refuse from Pedro and Daniel, who want to make a star out of his pool boy. Jean agrees to do it. Meanwhile, Rocky brings Marko and Bruno to producers Etienne and Rocco for a “meeting.”

Yeah, you are way ahead of me — this is all casting couch, and nobody feels dirty after it’s over. I certainly hope that Rocky gets some kind of finder’s fee, because these two men make a definite impression with their cocksucking skills, not to mention the size of their cum-shots. When the fountains of jism subside, the fucking starts, and Marko and Bruno plow Rocco in tandem while Rocky sticks it to Etienne. With all of this superb action going on, it’s a shame no one thought to bring their camera, huh?

Next we get back to Jean, who is on his mission to make a star. His first encounter with Alex is a wordless, fiery sword crossing and swallowing event that leads to a hot tongue-fuck that Jean delivers to Alex’s rosy pucker (an ultra-tight close-up of it is bone-rattling, as is the multiple-position fuck that follows). Hugo Martin, the guy Jean has to seduce into the porn biz, is busy with his pool net when Jean arrives. Jean’s session with Alex hasn’t dimmed his passion at all, and he quickly manages to get Hugo out of his clothes and his dick into Hugo’s mouth. The two move into a 69 as Jean’s suit starts to fall off his body. Their fuck is as creatively sexy as the oral sequence, with Hugo riding Jean’s cock while his own erection swings wildly around. And a star is born.

Ah, the dangers of letting the cast meet without supervision. Hotties Darren Robins and Carl Wilde meet before the filming of the next production and get familiar with dick sucking and fucking, with Carl taking Darren’s massive cock from behind. Darren is a hot fucker, driving into Carl like a machine, and making the dude moan with pleasure.

Finally, it’s time to shoot “Hungry Holes 3,” the fictitious production this entire action has been about. But poor Hugo — he’s been drugged into the thing, and when he wakes up, he is faced with a plethora of big, uncut dicks to suck. It’s kind of hard to feel much sympathy for him, actually. Anyway, the way he goes after all the man meat, it doesn’t seem like he’s too put upon.

Then of course, there’s fucking too — Hugo gets into the middle of a fuck sandwich with Eric and Darren, while Jean and Alex double-fuck the extremely sexy Carl. Again, massive loads all around end the scene, and Hugo’s, which flies out of his dick while he’s still being fucked, is especially memorable.

And that was just Day One. The next day we have an actual pizza delivery scenario setting up a hugely entertaining outdoor pool fuck with hot nerd delivery guy Gustavo Arango getting it from even hotter stud Carlos Montenegro. Be still my heart. Carlos Montenegro is the kind of guy that doesn’t even seem real, so sexy and handsome that he looks like an idealized version of a stud, except he’s real flesh and blood.

Carlos face- and ass-fucks Gustavo while Daniel and Pedro film the action. Carlos spews his cream on Gustavo’s mouth and glasses (I told you he was a hot nerd) and then helps clean it off with his lips and tongue. But then, the handsome Carlos spreads his cheeks for Gustavo’s diving tongue, and things get even better. Carlos of course fucks Gustavo, sliding into his hole in a hot standing fuck, and then later takes him missionary. Meanwhile, Pedro and Daniel get in on the action with sucking while they’re filming. Don’t ask me how they manage to hold the camera steady. Everybody shoots, Carlos and Gustavo pressing their cum-dripping dicks together and Pedro filling Daniel’s mouth with his load.

The next sequence, and the finale of this seven-hour feast of sex, has all four stud mixing it up in hot oral action; Pedro and Carlos trade blows while Daniel eats out Gustavo’s ass, then cums all over his ass and hole and licks it up.

Daniel then takes Carlos from behind (which qualifies as one of the most beautiful pairings of studs in gay porn history) while Gustavo sucks Pedro. From then to the end, this quartet of studs seems to truly be interested in giving each other pleasure, and they do — with the spectacular Carlos delivering the production’s last load. This is one of the best productions I have ever seen, and that is no exaggeration. Bjorn has outdone even himself this time.

DVD features (2-disc set): Chapters; cum-shots chapter; gallery; behind-the-scenes footage; and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( http://www.ManNet.com )

Flawless videography on breathtaking sets!


Action! may be Kristen Bjorn’s most ambitious work to date, employing 27 models in an seven hour marathon of carnal transfiguration and conjugation. Action! also harpoons some of the great tropes of porn, including the casting couch, multi-million-dollar productions, personal manipulation and the political power.

Rocco Banks and Etienne Cendras are the big power players: life and business partners worth $75 bil (!!) who are to porn what William Randolph Hearst was to newspaper publishing. According to the narrator (Bjorn himself), their global wealth and power are exceeded only by the petrochemical and weapons manufacturing industries. The financial life and death of models and entire porn studios may rest on how satisfactory their next fuck is.

Onan fave Rocky De Oliveira is a porn star whose net worth is greater than that of some third world countries. When he is not having sex on camera, he is fucking or getting fucked off camera by porn star wannabees like Bruno Jones and Marko Brenos.

Bjorn tosses in an infomercial, in which Aitor Crash pitches the life of a porn star to the masses. I grinned to see that the offer is void in TX, TN, SC, FL and AL. We get to be flies on the wall at a porn academy where Crash and his assistant, Meteo Perez, are conducting tryouts for five new applicants. Reluctant at first, the students quickly warm to the challenges that are put to them, as they learn to suck, rim and fuck like porn stars.

The initial seven-man orgy produces a first round of cumshots, after which the participants segregate into smaller groups and continue fucking. The lessons include learning how to be both a top and a bottom. Possibly the most visually stunning part of this scene is when everyone converges on a spiral staircase which, captured in an overhead shot, looks like a cross-section of a chambered Nautilus — but not like any illustration you’ll see in a biology textbook.

Franco Dominicci and Max Duran are a couple who have an opportunity to become pornstars but have reservation about putting their personal life on camera. It’s the job of multi-zillionaire Armando Del Toro, an erotic photographer with the balls of a bull, to convince them.

Ricci Julian earns big bucks for scouting new talent, such as Kane O’Farrell, whose pubic bush peeking out above the waistband of his Speedos on the beach grabs Ricci’s attention. Kane is a natural in front of Del Toro’s camera, with Ricci joining him for a photo shoot in which all restraint is abandoned. The late Jean-Daniel Cadinot liked scenes in which a photographer played voyeur to his models, sometimes just jerking off while filming, and sometimes joining the action. It adds a second layer of voyeurism and an extra turn-on. Bjorn does a similar thing here, as Del Toro first strips, while maintaining his distance, then jacks off as he shoots, then finally becomes the third man in the scene.

Much later in the scene, Dominicci and Duran return to ask for their photos back, and they join the action, one highlight of which is the double-penetration of Del Toro by O’Farrell and Julian while Dominicci works the camera.

In part 2, we meet celebrity couple Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas, a directing team worth several billion dollars. They use bath oil to lubricate themselves all over for a bathtub flip-fuck, followed by a heart-to-heart in which they acknowledge that their production has run out of funds and they must turn to the Russian Mafia. In the persons of Erik Demko and Alex Brinsky, the Mafiosi seal the deal with sex amongst themselves and demands for more sex from their new partners.

One of them (Brinsky) demands that he get fucked by international porn star Jean Franko and they also want Franko’s hunky pool boy, Hugo Martin, to be in the film. Rocky Oliveira, meanwhile, introduces Bruno Jones and Marko Brenos to Rocco Banks and Etienne Cendras, and a five-man casting couch session commences in which the big-time producers get fucked.

Jean Franko, after fucking the Russian, has a crisis. He loves his pool boy — and when you see the way Hugo puts his ass to work, who wouldn’t love him? — but is he willing to sacrifice him on the altar of fame and tabloid fodder? There’s an musing bit where Franko uses one of his GayVN “Best Foreign Actor” trophies as a sex toy. Short a few cards in his ethical deck, Jean Franko drugs Hugo into becoming a sex slut in a six-man orgy.

Action! wraps with a scene that riffs on the Pizza Boy theme. Gustavo Arrango, wearing eyeglasses, delivers a pizza to Carlos Montenegro, who ditches the pie and goes for the boy. The directors (Marvin and Andreas) abandon professionalism to join the action of this muscular and handsome duo.

In his 20+ years as a director, Bjorn has refined and perfected his art to a point that beggars criticism. If Action! has a weak link (and that will depend upon the viewer) it may be that Jean Franko is the only model with body hair. But it seems silly to cavil about hair when you have models as ravishing as Carlos Montenegro and Rocky De Oliveira to feast your eyes upon and discharge your gonads over.

In case it needs to be said, there are multiple orgasms per model per scene, and there is cum-eating and cock jousting and ass eating along with flawless videography on breathtaking sets.