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Apolo Adri agrees to meet with Personal Trainer Alan Vicenzo so that he can reach that next level in his muscle development. Alan gets a call from his client Jorge Leal and leaves the room to take the call. While Alan is away Apolo takes a peek into his gym bag and finds his sweaty underwear, takes them out and is caught enjoying the heavy man scent. Alan assures him that if he works out hard, he could earn more of those to enjoy. The guys begin to strip each other and lock lips. Firm, hard, passionate kissing ensues as their hard, ripped, muscular bodies coliid with each other. Both men love the sight and feel of their hard muscles, but it is their rock-hard cocks that have really caught their attention. Apolo goes down on Alan’s cock and begins servicing it as a good trainee should. Swapping positions, Apolo leans back and revels in the view of the hot, sexy personal trainer sucking his way up and down his elongated cock. Another swap and Apolo dives into Alan’s amazing ass that has taken countless hours to build and develop. Apolo indulges in the taste, feel and scent of the hot muscle ass that he is eating and probing with his tongue. Apolo rises and plants his fat, long, raw cock deep inside of the muscle man bent over in front of him and immediately begins giving him a deep fucking. Another swap and Alan shows Apolo the proper way to do squats as his ass engulfs Apolo’s throbbing cock. Alan rides Apolo deep, feeling his smooth balls tickled by Apolo’s pubs. The vice grip of Alan’s muscular ass wrapped around Apolo’s cock is driving him wild with desire and remarkably close to the edge. Apolo flips Alan onto his back so that he can control this fuck and give he and Alan exactly what they have earned. That muscular ass is not match for Apolo and he is quickly blowing his creamy load of cum on Alan’s puckered hole. Apolo shoves his cum drenched cock back inside of Alan, which triggers him to blow his thick man juice all over his massive thigh. Is that considered a down payment on a training session?