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Rocks and Hard Places Parts 1&2 starring Carlos Montenegro, Gregoire Chevalier, Fernando Marques and Peter Stallion.  Carlos and Gregoire are going wild all over each other in their beautiful villa.  Gregoire swallowing Carlos’ fat cock, Carlos sucking Gregoire off.  Little do they know that they aren’t the only ones having a hot time that day.  Fernando and Peter have snuck into the barn and are going at each other as well.  Carlos, determined to set Gregoire’s ass on fire with his fat cock bends him over in front of the mirror and starts pounding away at Gregoire’s tight, muscle ass.  Meanwhile in the barn Fernando sits on top of Peter and rides his dick hard and furious.  After Carlos has emptied his full sack onto Gregoire they are admiring the view when they spot the action in the barn.  Trespassers must be punished, or is it pleasured?  Fernando and Peter are forced to service Carlos and Gregoire.  The hot oral action turns into a hot rimming train which turns into huge explosions of cum.  You know you can’t hold it all in with that much pleasure.  Gregoire then takes his opportunity and fucks Peter while Fernando sucks his cock and Peter sucks Carlos’ cock.  You know the cum has to start flying now!  This scene is a free download to all members for a limited time.  Download your copy now!   KristenBjorn.com