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When we last saw Abel and Robin they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, who could? Adrian was pleasuring Brain with his hot ass and mouth, now the 4 hot studs join together for an unrelenting sexual encounter. Robin and Abel found one of Adrian’s messages in a bottle and felt a strong attraction to him. They hunted him down and eventually found him and his lover. They were warmly greeted and invited into Adrian and Brian’s home. Instantly Abel and Brian connected as well as Robin and Adrian. Brian immediately devours Abel’s huge cock as Robin is giving his hungry mouth a treat with Adrian’s rock hard cock. Abel and Adrian are so turned on by watching the others partner service their cocks. Soon things switch up and Adrian is fast at work on Abel’s fat cock and Robin is eagerly servicing Brian’s fine piece of meat. Robin is soon in full glory when he has three hot cocks to service. One by one each man erupts his inferno of cum onto Robin as he massages each mans load into his body. What other secrets have Abel and Robin uncovered with Adrian’s messages in a bottle? Will Brian discover a new or darker side of his lover that he never knew about? Stay tuned.   www.KristenBjorn.com