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Time: the one thing we have no control over but has control over us. Robin and Abel find that time slips through their hands faster than water. After an afternoon of exploring in the nearby mountains the guys return home for some afternoon delight. Robin quickly strips down to his black jock strap, which turns Abel on completely, making it impossible to keep his hands off of Robin. Robin sees Abel’s excitement and is eager to get at his huge, bulging hard on. Working hard to get that huge, fat cock down his throat Robin does everything within his power to feel that head slip down his throat. After working that cock to complete rigidity Robin squats down on that huge cock and begins his wild ride. Abel is overwhelmed with the pleasure of Robin’s hot, muscular ass gripping and sucking his huge cock deeper and deeper into his wet, hungry hole. Robin rides Abel’s cock for all that its worth, feeling it grow harder and fatter within him with each stride. Abel’s ball sac is growing heavy and full of his hot load, but he is not ready to let this ride end. He bends Robin over and penetrates him deep from behind. Abel grabs hold of Robin’s jock strap and takes him for a wild and hard pounding ride. He teases Robin’s ass by pulling out and then penetrating him fully and again pounding him hard and then pulling out and thrusting his cock back inside of Robin, all to Robin’s pleasure. Abel’s ball sac has built up a full load that he can no longer control and unleashes his huge milky load all over Robin’s ass, which he immediately devours with his tongue. Stay tuned to see where the story of Robin and Abel takes us next.  www.KristenBjorn.com