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As you might have noticed Kristen Bjorn´s Online Store offers mail-order versions of most of his latest movies. Those are distributed only online, and not available in retail. Some of the hottest scenes are left only in mail-order versions for your viewing pleasure, such as Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin´s condomless scene in El Rancho, that caused a lot of controversy. Now they have one of the hottest scenes for the last years in porn – in Skin Deep. It was too much to handle for retail distributors. It is a known fact that those guys are real life partners in long term, commited relationship. Kristen Bjorn Productions does not promote or endorse unsafe sex practices.
Besides those scenes, more of steamy action hasn’t made it to retail versions. We’ve been asked many times about the differences between retail version of Skin Deep and Skin Deep Director’s Cut.

Click here to order Director’s Cut Skin Deep

Here are some scenes from Skin Deep available only in Director’s Cut. The rest will be posted here soon.

Mafioso stud Armando del Toro shows underlings Bruno Jones, Jordi Casal, and Alex Ribeiro some new ways to enjoy a baseball bat.

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas’ after sitophilia* session. While retail version owners could enjoy oral sex scene involving all kinds of desserts, they have missed the fucking scene available only in Director’s Cut.

Food play
, or Sitophilia, is a form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food.