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Hey guys, we are back online at our blog. We’ve been really busy with upcoming release of Skin Deep, so I’m sorry to keep you waiting for the new updates here. Check out regular updates at KristenBjorn.com of course, we never fail to present high quality stuff there weekly, no delays, no waiting.

So we’ve posted trailers from Skin Deep Parts 1 & 2 at KristenBjorn.com. Check it out there, those are really long preview trailers that give you a good idea of what to expect from the movie. You get to see all the scenes, all the guys, few cumshots in those trailers. We’ll be offering few full scenes for downloading soon in our Video on Demand section soon. So make sure you are signed up for our newsletter at KristenBjorn.com and so you won’t miss it.
There are new movie stills from Skin Deep available at Movie Stills section for our members. Check the high resolution photos, and zoom into your favorite bit parts…