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That chance meeting, that bump that makes a brief physical connection between individuals, is it happenstance or are Ansony and Bastian Karim meant to meet by fate or luck? Fortunately, both men are very congenial with their meeting so much so that they decide to head off for a drink. As they enter Bastian’s flat the “bump” becomes a seductive touch, a kiss, a sexy strip tease that leads to a passionate encounter. Bastian grabs hold of Ansony’s ever growing thick, massive cock as he feels it’s warmth as it grows within his hand. Ansony strips down naked as Bastian comes face to cock with the monster throbbing before his salivating mouth. Bastian opens wide and begins to ingest the fat cock that tests his limits and stretches his mouth to full capacity. As Ansony’s monster cock reaches full staff, Bastian gives it his all to suck every centimeter into his mouth as it begins entering and stretching his throat muscles to full expansiveness. Bastian strips his khakis and Ansony is intent on getting his lips and tongue on the magnificent ass he groped on the street. Delving deep, Ansony’s tongue probes deep and wildly as his hunger for more only increases with each probe of his darting tongue. Ansony feels Bastian’s ass muscles soften around his tongue and knows it is time to move in. Rising up, Ansony slams his rock-hard cock deep inside of Bastian’s incredibly talented ass. Ansony immediately begins slamming his cock deep and hard as Bastian cries out with the sheer pleasure filling his ass and bringing him to new heights of pleasure. The guys swap up positions and Bastian lowers his ass down onto the massive cock awaiting the sensation of his hot, tight muscles. Bastian rides the impressive cock all the way to the base and squeezes his way back up to the throbbing, bulbous cock head. Bastian has driven Ansony to the cliffs edge of passion and quickly changes positions to get the optimum penetration depth and pleasure. With Bastian on his back, Ansony fucks himself into an otherworldly realm of bliss that causes his ball sac to draw up tight and flood his cock shaft with cum that explodes all over Bastian’s cock, balls, abs and chest. Ansony shoves his cum soaked cock back into Bastian and fucks him until he to shoots his creamy load of cum. That simple bump on the street could be your next bang in the bed!