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Mega hunk Sylvio Ferreira leaves his wilderness home as well as his lover Gaspar Moreno, to head for the biggest nearby city, Caracas. On the way, Silvio recollects the good life he and Gaspar had in their jungle home, as well as time spent sucking and fucking the cum out of one another. Once on the unpaved road, Sylvio tries to hitch a ride with Rogerio Machado and Valerio Fernandes, who pass him by and shout a rude remark. Later on, we find that Rogerio and Valerio’s jeep has broken down. While Valerio checks out the motor, while Rogerio checks out Valero’s ass. In no time flat, the two latin studs pull out their huge cocks, and milk copious loads out of each other. Still unsatisfied, Rogerio fucks Valerio right on the hood of the jeep, causing him to blow his load. Then, Valerio toungs Rogerio’s tight ass until he shoots cream all over the windshield. The couple move deeper into the tropical forest, where Rogerio fucks Valerio atop a boulder until both men cum yet again.  This scene is a free download to all members this week at   www.KristenBjorn.com