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Lucio Saints and Vitorio Mendez are sitting and swiping across the app and come across Guido Plaza. Of course, Guido’s profile is filled with the most erotic and perfect photos, just like all the rest of us. Vitorio and Lucio decide to invite him over and in no time everyone’s huge cock is begging to be released. With all three massive cocks exposed, Vitorio is the first to suck on Lucio’s meaty cock, forcing it as far down his throat as physically possible. Guido joins in on the action and does his best to suck all of Lucio’s cock. Vitorio and Guido go back and forth on sucking that impressive cock and then combine their efforts as they wrap both their lips around his cock. Lucio has a hunger that needs to be fed as well and switches things up as he begins sucking on Guido’s equally impressive cock as Vitorio spreads his ass open and begins a hot tongue fucking on Lucio’s hot ass. Vitorio and Lucio turn Guido around as Vitorio rams his thick cock deep inside of his furry ass. Lucio bends Vitorio over Guido and shoves his firm cock into his hairy ass and begins fucking him hard. Not to miss an opportunity, Lucio pulls his cock out of Vitorio and shoves it into Guido. Lucio goes back and forth from one hot ass to the other, making sure both asses are thoroughly fucked. The guys then flip Lucio onto his back and begin to tag team his sumptuous ass. Guido plunges in first and goes for a hard ass fucking before shooting his load of cum all over and inside of Lucio’s ass. Vitorio takes over and begins fucking Lucio and find himself beyond control and ready to explode when Lucio erupts with a huge, creamy load that lands in his mouth, chest and abs. Vitorio looses it and creams Lucio’s wet ass with his milky load then leans in and laps up all the cum coating Lucio’s ass. Lucio and Vitorio are happy that they didn’t swipe so quickly, other wise they might have missed sexy Guido.